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Playing with docker part 1

And we are finally, after a little detour due to time and energy, back to blogging about technical things. As the title has already said this is part 1 about docker but it's not going to stop there

I read a blog recently, while pondering my next steps in working life, and not trying to get swamped by all of the new things that are on my list of things to learn, it's all about the place you want to be and all of the mini wins in between. So, docker is just the start of phase 1, phase 1 being me finally building my library application that I have been trying to do for years

Why would I need docker then? Well just small steps in learning. I want to run the database that I will need in a container. To have quick access despite being at the end of a slow internet connection or being on the train. To make that access possible I decided that I needed a registry. This is something I have with previously, it wasn't the best experience I have ever had and I even contributed a few patches back but it was never really reliable and didn't really work in the way that was expected, so we abandoned it. Shortly after Docker got a world of financing and the registry was one thing that got a lot of love, and by a lot, I mean a shit ton. New api version and lots of new features around security

I jump onto my Ubuntu desktop and pull the latest registry, get it up and running with a basic configuration. Happy with that I set it up to off load the storage onto the local file system, that started up fine and good with a basic query. Thats where things started going a bit astray...

I was noting all steps I was going through, thinking what a great kick off it would be for the whole of this series of posts but it was getting more and more deeper and not getting any closer to finding a resolution. So, final run a delete and manual install of docker. Boom everything worked fine...

So what was the issue? Simple the version. Once again docker has changed the name of its self as for as the core of docker goes. Despite checking many times that docker was updated, it turns out that docker is no longer docker but docker-engine (that's now the third incarnation :)).

So the moral of the story is, yes the new registry image works really well, certainly none of the issues I have previously had issues with. More importantly docker is still very very fast moving, if you duck a way for a few months, double check everything is still right, possibly even consider clearing out and reinstalling as if you had never used it previously

After all that and getting it up and running, for the amount of time that I get to spend on my desktop, there was the realisation it might be pretty pointless, so I moved to the macbook, something else that has just had a lot of new updates... so they fix one thing, move back in another area. More on that in part 2!!

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