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Playing with docker part 2

So, registry all up and running on Linux, information being passed in and out and everything looking very good. One small issue, that computer isn't always on, that computer isn't directly attached to the internet in anyway, I don't spend that much time on that actual computer. Now, if your wanting to use something to save you time, effort and bandwidth, I think all three of those would mark that option as a no go.

So, I decided to starting building the same on my mac. As mac users know, docker isn't quite as easy. Originally, you would start docker, using boot2docker and a small virtual machine instance would be spun up and docker would talk and build on that. As with the Linux version there have been some dramatic changes very recently, the first of which, a tool called kitematic. this is a GUI that would kick off boot2docker and allow you to select an image from the gui, search the hub or attach to your own repos. It is very nice and certainly a great way to get into standing things up quickly in a docker container. Its tagged as beta, there are a few issues I have come across around the reconnection to the boot2docker instance or killing it off, other than that its very polished and I would recommend it to most. Having said that, its just not for me. I spend so much time in the terminal and anywhere production or development wise I am going to run all my docker directly from the command line and this feels very unnatural and uncomfortable. I might get used to it but I don't really want to. I think that might have been the feed back from many people as even more recently they have released Docker Quick terminal Login. So far I have only managed to get it working correctly twice, so not really something that can be relied upon.

So, once again lots broken and a balance to be had between trying to fix things or working around. Looking at this as an opportunity, another option was chosen. There are a lot of new "container" type operating system that have been created and released fairly recently. These include things such as Ubuntu Snappy, RancherOS, CoreOS and Atomic. Personal belief is that CoreOS is likely to have the most benefit for my future, so thats what I decided to focus on. A look back later at some of the other mentioned options will be a good comparison of each pros and cons.

Installing CoreOS in virtualbox. Pretty easy to do, download the iso and start up the virtual machine. It should auto log you in. Don't get too excited, its not installed just yet you just have a live version of CoreOS running.

The instructions to install can be found here but basically follow the single line command of

coreos-install -d /dev/sda -C stable -c ~/cloud-config.yaml

where the cloud-config.yaml contains, at the very least

  - ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAABAQDGdByTgSVHq.......

Follow the link above for all the other commands that you can add into that file.

That got me up and running, docker running as well. Now onto the next problem

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