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Ok this is one that I should set-up a rant blog for, not really something that I want to add to my happy positive helpful blog that I have here but it's just something I need to get off my chest.

Stop using the term rock star for someone who is good in something. They don't play music so why the fuck would you call them that!!!

It's such a poor way to describe someone, "We are looking to hire a rock star developer for our super duper amazing cloud, funky android/ios app" is pretty much how jobs come across now. Apart from the fact that it looks stupid your idea of rock star could be very different to mine and more importantly what if I don't like rock and I think pop stars are my favourite.

Let me give a few examples of why I believe this should be removed from everything other than to describe a person who is a musician and whom has some level of fame.

Lets start by throwing out some names

Jimi Hendrix

Bryan Adams

Freddie Mercury

Jack White

Four very different "Rock stars", yes people who actually made music, stood on stages and sold records. All of these are what I think of when I think of each of those that I have mentioned. Lots of debate can be had around these opinions and that's fine, pass them on as they prove exactly what I'm trying to point out.

Jimi Hendrix - While he had the experience, he was basically a solo man, full of show, cutting edge. You know, playing with his teeth, setting fire to his guitar with lighter fluid. Don't get me wrong, the guy was amazing, genius but sadly his life cut short. Was that due to the pressures of being such a star or just the burn out of a life as a musician.

Bryan Adams - Average, boring and to most of us old fogey rocker (yep he's not that much older than me but still its how he comes across to me). A man who managed to get all the grannies to buy a song that kept his warbling at number one for far too many weeks. Not exactly exciting, old school and just makes middle of the road. It's certainly not going to offend, you will know who it is but you're not likely to want it, let alone stick it on repeat so you can feel every note. Just yeah, well, hmm ok.

Freddie Mercury - A true showman, with amazing talent but not a real show off. Amazing, all-rounder, sing, play and write and know who to delivery and keep the crowd entertained. While sadly passed on his music (and that of Queens) is known by pretty much everyone who listens to music and most of the songs are instantly recognised. Your granny loves it and buys it, I and my era have loads of albums and can sing along to many a song and even youngster will know and sometime own his music, often because it has been sampled by others and they want the original. A "complete" rock star.

Jack White - New to the world in comparison to the last three, has often stated that some of them were an influence on what he does but he is very different. Certainly very different way of playing, certainly very different style of music a much smaller fan base. Is he the consummate performer, don't really think so as he is almost hidden, protected by his music, it is who he is. Nothing wrong with that but certainly not like the past three and all fan focused. I'm not saying he hates his fans he is just a lot more shy.

So what do you want, the wild crazy developer/devops/brewer that goes off doing their own thing wanting to be the one? The solid, consistent plodder, nothing wild or crazy, not looking to push the boundaries but happy just to do the same and sit in the middle. The consummate professional, willing to share the limelight but outside of directly doing what they are doing very quiet and shy. Or some one who is obviously very good but very quirky, very new, looks back for inspiration but only does the new.

Now I hope that this has shown that a description like rock star, not only does it sounds stupid but it can mean so many different things, why use it. If you want to make the job look grand Superstar might work but even then, guess what, were not that stupid, well those that you would want to employ anyway. Keep your ads professional, you can still make the company and project sound fun and exciting without the need to be zany.....

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