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Scott and Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

Another review for the O'Reilly blogger program. This one has been sat there for ages and I just haven't had the time to get to it until now.

Designing Web Interfaces

Bill Scott and Theresa Neil take you through 4 hours worth of tips and tricks in web interface design. It's a little outdated now but they were certainly right on the mark and it is still worth purchasing and going through as it explains many reasons of why site are and should be designed the way that we naturally interact with the web without thinking today.

Many of the ideas and recommendations that they put forward are not only useful but are still very much how the big players (think Netflix, where Bill Scott was working at the time of the video creation, google for example) are doing things.

You can tell the videos age when it's talking about Ajax being a newer technology but right from the start there is a great deal of talk about the now ubiquitous one page app design and also allowing people to see only the things they need to do the task in hand.

As someone who does not have to deal with front end systems, other than as a user, this was a great insight into why things are done the way they are and why there are certain site that I love to use while other are a little awkward, such small differences in layout/code can make such a huge leap in usability and comfort. The age of the video and the fact that what they tell you is so much in practice, shows what great insight they had and how good both are when it comes to UI. Everything they suggest is still here now.

If you have never had and formal training in web UI or you are just starting out you will not be doing yourself any harm at all by buying this and spending the time devouring what it has to offer.

You can get it from here


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