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The dying hours of the year at work

So, here I am, sat in an office where there is one dev, myself and nobody else technical in anyway.

I am blocked on the two pieces of work that I want to do due to delays in other things outside the control of the company. I have put together the plan that I have been asked for as part of my leaving the company work, not going to look at it again until tomorrow when its once again fresh and I can pick out mistakes

I have a long list of things I want to do on the blog, coding wise, but really cant be arsed as I finish work at 12.30 tomorrow so I'm really on the wind down and I'm looking forward to turning of my computer brain for at least a week

Elite: Armed and Dangerous has finally been released but still not on the Mac so I can't even play that

I rushed back from the pub so that has also added an additional hour to my working afternoon

What should I do?

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