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lost? dazed? confused? dont come here then as this aint goona help!!

This that I have learned this week

  • I am really really crap at keeping this thing updated. So much for the once a week, once a month would have been a good start...
  • Listening to Jaguar Skills sitting in for Kissy Sell Out has made over and hours worth of mind numbingly boring text file manipulation actually go very quickly.
  • There is a problem with some routers and IPv6 enabled linux machines in resolving DNS lookups. Point your resolve.conf at an external server.
  • This tune is still certainly one of my all time favourites, although this will never replace it, the bass is amazing still not sure about the lyrics though but the video certainly makes up for that confusion.
  • You can you wget against a file to pull a list of urls down "wget -i filename.txt"
  • You still have to arse around a lot to get VMserver to install on linux but due to the love of the community its a lot easier, just look at the Ubuntu form and also Radu Cotescu
  • Finally, shift + home key at the start of a line in notepad++ will highlight all the tabbed white space between start of line and first text
  • Oh, this really is the last one. Sawdit provide amazing IT support in so many areas you should really call them and get them to do all your IT support. Go on you know you want to!!

That is all folks and if I don't end up drowned in a big session of booze tomorrow I'm sure we will all talk again soon.

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