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Time for a midlife crisis

Two weeks ago I hit 40, so here I am expecting a midlife crisis. Sadly, for all those that are looking to have a laugh, I think I'm through it already and know how to work on getting over it.

I know I'm supposed to start doing stupid things like fast cars, motorbikes, jumping out of planes, jumping into bed with wild women but most of those things I have already done. I have raced cars and bikes for fun. I have jumped out of a plane for charity. I think my concerns came from me being capable, in work in particular

So how have I managed to get through it, or at least push it out of my mind and move on. Learning. Its the one and only thing in my life that I have always done, the one thing that has always been my passion. So I am wondering about my capabilities, what's the best way of getting through that, learn more. Two pronged approach on this, lets keep on with the programming and reduce the jack of all master of none ethos my sysadmin life has given me, my brain is full and distracted by a million other things so now is the time to get a little more focus. Not exactly sure about that focus yet, I think that will really depend upon the next step of my career or how much I can get into the openstack community. Realising this really did calm things down and was given a seal of approval by a very timely rant about how shit the IT world is with all the DevOps and tooling nonsense that it out there. Instant midlife crisis fixed :)

So while I was happy with this, it wasn't really anything to give me a break from work, nothing to stop me thinking about all this again. Plus I don't want to be full time in IT forever, my mind started wandering once again.... I still need to learn but it can't just be for work. The jewellery is still going to be an on going thing, just need to complete the craft room, a delay on this due to new windows being required and wiring to happen. One other always present factor in my life has been beer, but I still believe that this could be a future employment choice, not as much money but certainly something I love and would like to do so I have decided I am going to spend a lot more time learning. I know this will be a lifetime of learning but rather than just talking a lot about it I have, in my head not yet on paper, that will be for a future post, what I will do to push that forward. It's not very often I would love to be in America but home brew and craft brewing is something special over there in comparison to what we currently have but I will try and get everything I can and possibly become an ambassador for home brewing... Lets see how that goes ;)

So first proper post on the new blog, which will obviously still be getting a lot of love but as always send me any comments (until the comments section is added) via social media or email, even snail mail if thats all you can do

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