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More python, padding zeros on string and numbers

Why am I putting this here you might ask? Well its something that has been in and out of my script numerous times and each time I have to look it up so thought I would drop it here where I can find it every time. Also I'm hoping that by tying it in here I will remember and never have to come back anyway!!

more ... Published at: Sun 21 April 2013

Install Python modules from git using pip

As you must be now aware I am learning to program. That learning was massively accelerated when I was actually put to task on building a small back-end processing system to deliver a small number of PDFs so they could be displayed in an iPad app.

more ... Published at: Sat 20 April 2013

Spicy stir fry pork

As you might have read I am aiming to get fit this year again, as far as I'm concerned that goes hand in hand with eating well. Obviously that doesn't mean I'm a saint but trying to eat well is something I'm taking more seriously.

more ... Published at: Wed 27 March 2013

The late review of 2012 and where I'm looking to go this year

Well I'm late but that's just to keep you all on tender hooks. Yes normally everyone else, including myself normally, does the year-end review and the "what's for the future" around the new year. It isn't like I didn't actually do it I just haven't had time to type it up. Actually doing the review and setting the aims was part of my thought process of improving the chances of achieving my aims.

more ... Published at: Mon 25 March 2013

fixing "warning: Please check that your locale settings:" reported on Ubuntu

Quite a simple one this and only really stops an annoying nag.

more ... Published at: Tue 15 January 2013

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