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Fixing windows Update error 0x8024402f

Yes that does say windows, long story, new laptop and the need to install a game.

more ... Published at: Wed 24 May 2017

All quiet in here

Once again, things have been quiet in here, not what I wanted but certainly I am back quicker than I normally have been after a hiatus in the past.

more ... Published at: Mon 29 February 2016

Book Ten: How To Win Friends and Influence People

Hello to you all, we are now very much into December and I'm playing catch up with everything. Yes I am a married man, she was daft enough to turn up, it was a great day and I would love to thank every how turned up to celebrate it with us. We are still waiting on the official photographs and I'm sure that once I get them there will be a post so I wont say much more and move straight onto the book review.

more ... Published at: Thu 10 December 2015


So today, the first of November, is normally the start of a very strange month for me and normally a very busy month.

more ... Published at: Sun 01 November 2015

Playing with docker part 3

CoreOS chosen and installed, as stated in the last post, don't expect it to be quick, I suspect it will depend upon the size of your disk but I kicked it off and went to bed after a few aborted attempts thinking it was doing nothing. A note to the developers, please find a way to tell us something is happening...

more ... Published at: Tue 27 October 2015

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