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Yet again missing....

Well been gone for a little while and once again its a work issue mostly, although the new years resolutions have come into effect. The secret one actually started a lot earlier than I expect and has been going very well for sometime. Nope still not going to say anything as to what it could be but some people might be able to guess. The learning two languages this year has really just kicked off.

more ... Published at: Mon 16 April 2012

Package creation, Deb, RPM, solaris and Puppet

So we have all been there, either the package you want is in the tree but it's an old version, the one missing that vital upgrade that allows you to deploy and go back to sleep and not to actually have to keep watching and doing sys admin stuff. Or there it is everything you could ever ask for in a piece of software, it even provide the oogoogollywhatsit function that is so important, quick click down.....

more ... Published at: Fri 03 February 2012

Early year light reading

I did say at some point that this was going to be a pretty mixed up blog didn't I? Well here is a book review, not that its too far away from being technical and, actually, I think its something that anybody working in a technical environment would do well reading it even if they have no management aspirations.

more ... Published at: Sat 07 January 2012

2011 into 2012

This time last year I posted this

more ... Published at: Mon 02 January 2012

And now for something a little different...

This blog was never supposed to be about technology and being geeky alone as there are many other things I am just as geeky about. I suppose the time spent working in startup companies and also pushing hard to get my business up and running has just given me that focus.

more ... Published at: Sun 20 November 2011

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