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Film 42 - SWAT

Third film of the morning, who says insomnia is a pain...

more ... Published at: Fri 28 November 2014

Film 41 - Mean Machine (1974)

One of the up sides to a level of insomnia is that it gives you much more time, admittedly time that you would normally be asleep, recovering from a days work and allowing your body and mind to function normally, but still it is more time. Having lived with this a fair bit in my life I now know that trying to fight yourself back to sleep is the worse thing that I can do, so I generally try a couple of techniques that I have picked up over the years but if they fail I will just behave as if I'm awake so reading, TV, a bit of work, never anything that really involves the computer as I know that I will never get back to sleep.

more ... Published at: Thu 27 November 2014

Film 40 - Aftermath

Finally one that lived up to the description, possibly even more, that Sky gave it.

more ... Published at: Wed 26 November 2014

Creating Apps In Kivy - Dusty Phillips

This, so far, has to be the most difficult review of all the O'Reilly blogger reviews I have had to do and I am certainly torn.

more ... Published at: Fri 14 November 2014

Film 39 R.I.P.D

Continuing the day of film watching and getting closer to being back on track (I still think I will get the 52 films in as I have a load of annual leave just before Christmas through to the new year).

more ... Published at: Wed 12 November 2014

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