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Speaking JavaScript by Axel Rauschmayer

Speaking JavaScript Another book from the O'Reilly reviewer program and this one is fresh off the press.

more ... Published at: Sun 27 April 2014

Introducing Python by Bill Lubanovic

An early release book review as part of the O'Reilly blogger program, I am so glad that they had added this to the list available

more ... Published at: Wed 02 April 2014

Scott and Neil's Designing Web Interfaces Master Class

Another review for the O'Reilly blogger program. This one has been sat there for ages and I just haven't had the time to get to it until now.

more ... Published at: Thu 13 March 2014

Film 5 and So starts the Batman trilogy

The collection has been on my shelf now for a month or so now and this week the girlfriend, who I do believe is more of a comic film geek than I ever will be, decided that it was time to start watching them.

more ... Published at: Fri 14 February 2014

Film 6 Part 2 of the Batman trilogy; The Dark Knight

Once again, another that significant other hasn't seen but one that I had seen at the cinema. Once again, although I like a lot of the film I still felt it was too long and drifted off in places.

more ... Published at: Fri 14 February 2014

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