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Film 46 - Last Vegas

Pretty stellar cast in this one, they certainly rolled out some big guns and it really worked

more ... Published at: Mon 08 December 2014

To Cron or to Index or how should I get future posts to publish

Away from the films, something technical for once<br>rnSo, if you have read some of the past posts, you will know that I have dumped wordpress, actually dumped all commonly known CMS and I have written my own. If you didn't know that, just a little bit of detail

more ... Published at: Sun 07 December 2014

Film 45 - College Road Trip

Smashing through these films now and making great in roads into catching up with where I should be. The last film of the weekend and one that wasn't my choice but still ultra tired and head shot I couldn't make any more decisions.

more ... Published at: Tue 02 December 2014

Film 44 - Getaway

Well at least I'm not in bed watching this, I have actually made it to the settee but still, thank gob for Sky movies anytime. How did we survive without it?

more ... Published at: Tue 02 December 2014

Film 43 - Time Lapse

So, not slept, go out for all(ish but thats another story) day drinking bound to sleep like a baby that night. Ermmm no, not a chance.

more ... Published at: Mon 01 December 2014

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