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A film a week - update

Well by now you will have seen 26 reviews from me, that brings about some concerns for me.

1 Keeping up with what I have actually watched. I can't even remember what I've watched so I know there is no way I could expect anybody else so I will list them all below, just incase I watch the same thing twice.

2 I really can't believe that I have managed to keep up with this. I guess that I have not been consistent but watching the films is easy, actually taking the time to write about it has always been my issue. I will hold my hands up and say I'm certainly not going to win any literary awards or even likely be offered a role on film 2015 or any film review thing but for once I have set myself a challenge, just think back to the post a week/post a month and how well they worked, and I have, so far, stuck to it and I know there are a few more coming as I have written them already. I hope I haven't jinxed this as I know I'm about to go off on holiday and start bashing the house around again but I'm still impressed with what I have done. I know I have already spoken about getting old but this is another thing that is hitting more nails in the coffin. Don't worry, as I roll into my fifth decade I have a plan, something rock and roll(ish). If I can pull that one off and it's another year long thing, it might make this new found maturity/responsibility worth it!!

1 a Muppets in Space

2 a Oblivion

3 a The Delivery Man

4 a Vinyl

5 a Batman Begins

6 a The Dark Knight

7 a After Earth

8 a World War Z

9 a Captain America; The winter Soilder

10 a The Amazing Spiderman

11 a Whitehouse Down

12 a X-men: Days of future past

13 a Elysium

14 a Total Recall (2012)

15 a 21 Jump Street

16 a The Heat

17 a Dredd

18 a John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars

19 a 22 Jump Street

20 a Gravity

21 a Robocop

22 a Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

23 a The Ruin

24 a The Davinci Code

25 a Step Up 2 The streets

26 a Sharknado 2 The Second One

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